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In Notre-Dame-du-Lointain, a village far from major urban centers, three young people make a strange discovery. In an abandoned barn, a family of mutants is hiding: human-like beings, but struggling with horrible animal growths. Leo, Zoe, and Marcus finally understand that these people are actually members of a local family who had mysteriously gone missing a year earlier. But what happened to them? Why have they transformed?



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रनटाइम: 25:14 मिनेट

गुण: HD

पहिलो एयर मिति: Aug 24, 2020

अन्तिम एयर मिति: Oct 26, 2021

एपिसोड: 95 एपिसोड

सीजन: 2 सीजन

IMDb: 5.7